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WKDC, LLC has a fleet of modern trucks and dozers.  Specializing in all dirt construction in oilfield, farming and construction. No job is too big or small. We have performed work throughout Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado.


Call Jason for pricing specific to your area and job.

Well Sites
  • Roads to bring rigs in and out of drilling locations

  • Prepare and build drilling locations

  • Install pits to KCC specifications

  • Establish pumping unit and tank grades

  • Construct lease roads into pumping units

  • Build tank batteries pads

  • Dig and backfill drilling pits

  • Crude oil and EPA clean ups

  • Transport gravel for lease road construction and spreads gravel

  • Haul gravel for various farm and feedlot operations

  • We have access to pits for sand and gravel throughout Western Kansas to make our rock very affordable for our customers

New Construction
  • Install culverts as needed

  • Build pad sites for buildings and construction companies

  • Offer stand-by services for pulling equipment and vehicles when inclement weather occurs, including snow removal

  • Maintain lease roads

  • Maintain rock on lease roads and in front of tank batteries to your company specifications

  • Backfilling and leveling tail water pits

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